Street Geek Unley at the Goodwood Community Centre. Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne

Yesterday the Street Geeks converged inside the Goodwood Community Centre for their biggest meet at this site in three years.

The Street Geek guys and girls are building a community within what they do so that it is more than high-speed internet connections, “At StreetGeek, we strive to hold LAN Parties that emphasize on a social atmosphere that provides a welcoming and friendly community for participants of all ages.

The Street Geeks organise parties, but not in the traditional understanding of the word. These parties are “Local Area Network” otherwise referred to as LAN Parties. Essentially they are for “gamers”, people who love playing video games. Indeed, I don’t know if love is a strong enough word for some of these party goers, a number of whom party on for the entire duration of the event. That’s 36 hours my friends! Enough to make many on Hindley Street seem like amateurs.

20131006-164732.jpg 20131006-164659.jpg

20131006-164609.jpg 20131006-164630.jpg 20131006-164720.jpg


So it was no surprise to see the crew from “Red Bull” drop in and hand out some caffeine: they were a hit!

But not all the action happened inside. Thanks to the Unley Youth Advisory Committee the Lions Club of Unley cooked a free BBQ, quickly eaten whilst a Nerf War ragged to the sounds of the band “Disintegrating City” (no puns please). I might add, the uYAC also
ensured there was free fruit available during the event!


20131006-171904.jpg 20131006-171916.jpg

And thanks for getting me involved. I challenged about 6 gamers to some bizarre sumo wrestling game. Modesty forbids me from saying how I did but three cans of coke were ultimately handed out to those who beat me!

This is from StreetGeek 2012 at the Goodwood Community Centre

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